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04 January 2016

Making Twitter Work For You

Tip 1: Determine Your Goals Upfront

Twitter is a communications tool that can be used in many ways. For example, @VodafoneUK use Twitter mostly for customer support, while Dell uses Twitter to sell products, mention promotions or share company info. A majority however use it to build relationships with both existing customers, to engage with prospects, as well as to raise their overall profile in a given sector.

Whatever your goal, it is vital to consider what you want to achieve with Twitter before spending your valuable time and resources on it!  It ultimately needs to be considered as part of the wider marketing mix and not in isolation.

Tip 2: The Three R’s

  • Be relevant
  • Be regular
  • Be responsive

Tip 3: Connect and Engage

  • Follow as many as possible of the people relevant to your interests
  • Find links or write material that they'll find interesting
  • Engage them in polite conversation or discussion
  • Don't get too hung up on the number; it is better to have 100 people who are relevant and engaged than 10,000 who aren't

Tip 4: Understand the Basics

  • A good twitter bio helps...  explain who you are, what you specialise in, geography if relevant etc.
  • Hashtags - #FF and the like are a great way of connecting to people with a common interest but you have to experiment with your field – e.g. #webdesign #digitalmarketing #suffolk #food
  • In general only follow people who are following you back, especially once you have past 250 people you are following as twitter put a 10% follow limit after that. I.e. you'll only be able to follow 25 more. Following people is more or less the best way to grow an account.
  • Keep chatty followers chatting and mentioning you – but don't get dragged into too many personal conversations; try to generate conversations where everyone can join in. Think ‘round table discussion’ rather than ‘two people chatting privately in a corner’...